In this presentation, contains ten good reasons why all of you should be learning a foreign language. We hope it will help you to find out what your motivation to learn a foreign language is. The motivation itself is very important for anybody who wants to learn a foreign language.

Why is this important? Because of this motivation, anybody who has desire to learn a foreign language can be helped in his/her “journey” of learning a foreign language. Even Michael West said that a motivation was a very important thing in teaching foreign language.

Enquête divided motivation into two sides, there are: internal motivation and external motivation.

Internal motivation is the motivation which grows inside the human itself without influenced by anything and anyone. This kind of motivation is very rare to find. The reason is because someone who has this kind of motivation, has no reason—at all—to learn a foreign language, unless to look for a joy and fun in learning a foreign language. He/she has a great passion to prove him/herself that he/she can master that language.

In the other hand, external motivation is influenced by many factors, such as: world’s changing, globalization, job’s requirement/career, culture, education, economic, even love. Almost many people in the world who want to learn a foreign language have this kind of motivation. It’s OK, because whatever your motivation is, it has to be “buried deeply”.

If you want to learn a foreign language but you don’t have a motivation yet, “choose” one. Because it looks impossible to learn a foreign language without any motivation! …This powerpoint wull help you to find the reasons why people (not only should but also have to) learn foreign language. It contents ten good reason why people have to learn foreign language. You can also use it for motivating your friends, your partners to learn foreign language. Or you can also can use it as a reference for your seminar, lecture, etc that is related with this subject.